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Our member's happiness is our number one priority.  We listen to your feedback and strive everyday to make TanX n More the best experience it can be.  That's why we're loved by so many.
Love love love these tanks!!!! Love a company by women supporting us women in finding our strength and reminding us that we are UNSTOPPABLE!
- Shirley
TanX is a breath of fresh air!What a blessing to receive such a special gift once a month. I love Lisa’s heart and mission. To offer words of hope and affirmation is so needed and to boldly launch during such trying times... well that speaks to the courage and heart of the leader who stepped out to make it happen.I love my tanks, they are beautiful and the quality is impeccable.
- Michelle
Absolutely love my TanX N More subscription. Each month I look forward to getting my cute little pink package with my surprise tank inside. A little gift to myself every month!!!❤️
- Lisa
I freakin' love my TanX N More subscriptions! Empowered Women... Empower Women!! 💖Love supporting other women’s businesses!
- Christina
Thank you so much!! I absolutely love my monthly shirts because I love graphic tees and they inspire people. Keep doing what you’re doing. 🥳🥳
- Heather
I love love my monthly TanX !! I never get surprises, so the anticipation of a monthly surprise is a bonus! Love the positive quotes!!
- Susan
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